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Five Challenges Signaling the Need for an Outsourced CFO

We talked last month about the traditional functions of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO); namely, tracking revenue, profit, and cash flow, analyzing financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing corrective actions. These functions allow the CEO to better understand how to increase revenue, decrease costs, and become more profitable overall.

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CFOs and collaboration

Collaboration: What CFOs Need Most

Many people have a fairly good understanding of the traditional functions of a CFO. And those valuable functions remain the same whether we’re talking about the CFO of a Fortune 500 company or the CFO of a small business. Essentially, CFOs (1) track revenue, profit, and cash flow, (2) analyze financial strengths and weaknesses, and (3) propose corrective actions.

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Collaborating with CFOs

The Business Benefits of Financial Literacy

Despite its importance, many Americans lack the financial literacy required to properly handle personal finances. This disparity leaves them defenseless against the challenges that will inevitably arise over time. And there’s no doubt that these challenges can lead to long-lasting, damaging results.

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tax reporting

New Tax Reporting Rule Impacts Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal Users

Changes to the tax laws are nothing new. In fact, you can generally count on them with as much regularity as the change of seasons. Often, these changes are obscure, affecting different groups for different reasons. This year, one of the primary changes will impact millions, as it reflects a nearly universal increased use of third-party payment networks for business and day-to-day transactions.

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love your business

Fall Back in Love with Your Business

It’s February. We can’t help but envision long-stemmed red roses, heart-shaped boxes filled with delicious chocolates, and, above all else, love. But when we think of love, it doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the people who are most important in our lives. How about remembering what we believe in? Or what inspires us? How about falling back in love with our business?

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best year yet

Your Best Year Yet

Somehow, it’s the end of January already. As you close the month and look ahead, are you finding yourself prepared and organized for the next eleven months or just getting by day by day? If you’re in the latter group, it’s time for a reminder about the importance of budgeting and forecasting to make sure 2022 is your best year yet. After all, without a roadmap, how will you know how to reach your destination?

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Accounting for Gratitude

The month of November reminds us all of gratitude and the importance of practicing it in our daily lives, personally and professionally. With Thanksgiving, many

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